Start a home based business and this could be your workplace.Most of us dream of waking up in the morning and heading to work right across the hall in our home office. Or dream of working at our own pace, setting our own schedule, and being our own boss.
While not everyone will achieve that dream, it has become easier than ever to start and run a business from the comfort of your own home. With technology, the internet and a little bit of expertise, almost anyone can start their own business, work from home, and be their own boss.
Over half of all businesses in the United States are home-based business. In fact, some of the largest American corporations began as a dream out someone’s garage or basement (ever heard of Apple, Inc.?). Although there are certainly challenges to owning and running a home-based business, there are also plenty of rewards.

Is A Home-Based Business Right for You?

While we may all dream of working at home, not everyone is cut out for this type of business venture. Successful home business owners are the ones that are willing to take a risk and work hard. And there are plenty of things to consider when deciding to start your own business at home.
Deciding on what product or service to offer is one of the first steps. What are you good at? What are you an expert in? Think about your background and about what unique talents you have to offer customers and clients. Think about what you love to do and turn it into a money making opportunity.

Top Home-Based Businesses

The possibilities for home-based work are endless. Below are a few suggestions of some of the top home-based businesses. Use this list as a guide and apply your skills to find the perfect business for you.


Do you have any accounting education or experience? Do you have experience as a bookkeeper? Many small organizations have a need to for some bookkeeping help, but not enough to hire someone full time. This is a perfect opportunity for someone with accounting experience to take on some freelance work remotely.


For every industry and every type of business, there are consultants. Consulting is a great home-based business for anyone with extensive experience and a high level of expertise in a given field. Some examples of fields where consultants are used regularly include human resources, management, information technology, risk and safely, and hundreds of others.

Editorial and Writing Services

Freelance copywriting, editing and proofreading opportunities are available for anyone with a background in professional writing and editing. There is plenty of work out there for freelance editorial and writing services and plenty of opportunity to make a living in the field.

Virtual Assistant

Busy companies and executives are increasingly hiring virtual assistants to keep up with email and social media posting. If you have a knack for staying organized and maintaining electronic communications, you could work from anywhere as a virtual assistant.

Event Planning

Are you the life of the party and do you love hosting events? Then maybe a home-based career in event planning is the right job for you. Working with clients to plan their weddings, parties, and events is a home-based job that also gets you out of the house and interacting with people. It’s the best of both worlds while still setting your own schedule and running the business from your home.

Interior Decorator

If you’ve had experience with interior design and decorating, this is a rapidly growing field for home-based businesses. Interior decorating is another business that will sometimes take you out of the house while managing your business from home.

Financial Planner

Similar to consulting, there is always a demand for financial and estate planning from experienced experts in the field. If you’ve had a career in financial planning and want to break away from the 9 to 5 grind, consider starting your own home-based financial planning business.

Computer Repair

With some information technology experience or education, you can start a business repairing computers and peripherals. Also consider repair of other electronic items beyond computers if you have the skills to expand to other opportunities.

Home Inspection

Partnering with real estate agents in your area will help to build a home inspection business. This home-based business does require experience and continued training in new home building products.

Graphic Design Services

Many companies use freelance graphic designers to create newsletters, advertisements, fliers, and a host of electronic media as well. Offering your clients graphic design services along with editorial and printing services will expand your reach and increase your opportunities.

The Bottom Line

You don’t have to be tied to your 9 to 5 job anymore. Using your knowledge and expertise to create your own home-based business will give you the freedom to be your own boss. Hard work and determination will make your home-based business a success.