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Professional in-home financial consulting SERVICES to help you organize, simplify and improve your personal finances.

Are you a Financial Advisor, Attorney, Accountant or Mortgage Broker? Learn how we can help you get busy prospects and clients into your office.

Businesses & Organizations

Financial literacy seminars for EMPLOYEE EDUCATION programs and GUEST SPEAKING engagements.

Do you work in Human Resources or for a Professional Association? Offer a financial wellness benefit to your employees or members.

Don’t have time?

Business owners
“I’m on top of my business, but I have no idea what’s happening with my personal finances.”
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Busy professionals
“I spend so much of my time working that there’s no time left to take care of my personal finances.”
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Busy families
“After picking up the kids, grocery shopping, prepping dinner, cleaning up, helping with homework and putting the kids to bed, I have no energy or time left to manage my family’s finances.”
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Coping with an illness
“There’s so much I need to do to get my finances in order but I don’t feel well enough to do it.”
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Traveling or working abroad
“I want to put my finances in order for my family before I leave but there are so many other things I need to do. How will it all get done in time?”
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Don’t know what to do?

“We both have lots of different accounts. How do we manage them together now that we’re married?”
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“I’m retiring in a couple years and want to get my finances in order so I can spend less time managing them in retirement. Where am I at now and what else do I need to do?”
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Caregivers of elderly relatives
“I never realized my parents’ finances were such a mess until I became responsible for their affairs.”
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Estate executors, POAs, trustees
“I had no idea being an executor would be so much work; going through piles of financial paperwork accumulated over many years is driving me crazy.”
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First-time home buyers
“The list of paperwork I have to put together is overwhelming. I don’t even know if I have an IRA!”
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Don’t want to do it?

Financial “phobes”
“Thinking about my finances makes me fall asleep, break out in hives, feel paralyzed or get a migraine.”
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I’d Rather Be
“on the lake, golfing, at a concert, playing with my kids, going for a jog, reading the newspaper, shopping, walking the dog, ____________ (fill in the blank).”
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Tax-time procrastinators
“I have to answer my accountant’s questionnaire and put together all my paperwork by next week.”
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Newly divorced
“I was never involved with our finances when I was married. Now I don't have a choice, and I feel lost.”
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Preparing an estate plan
“My attorney is asking me to get all sorts of information together about my finances. I know I need to do this for my family but it’s a lot of work.”
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from the Blog
  • Shabana’s sincerity, caring and compassion are what make her different. It was comforting to know she was there for me for my money matters. Gail Miyahira
  • Shabana helped me set up realistic goals and get on track by saving for my retirement, emergencies and vacations. Because of Shabana’s guidance, I now have a solid financial foundation. Roberta Kokx
  • Shabana is an exceptional advisor. Besides being knowledgeable and hard-working, I always felt she truly cared about us as people. Kathleen Suzuki
  • Shabana truly saved us financially. I honestly believe we’d be in debt right now with no savings for emergencies, retirement or college without her guidance. Glennis Ooka
  • Shabana provided us with personalized and caring assistance from the first day we met her. Her attention to detail sets her apart. Trustworthy and an expert in her field, she exceeded all of our expectations. L. Bisquera
  • Our years of working with Shabana were full of fond memories. She is definitely a people person with strong relationship skills. James & Suzanne Aki
  • From the time of our very first meeting, both my husband and I felt at ease in discussing our financial situations. Shabana is very professional, explains things very well and is always open to any kinds of questions. James & Suzanne Aki
  • We always took Shabana’s advice over the many years we worked with her. Thanks to her suggestions, at this point in time we are both retired and living comfortably. James & Suzanne Aki
  • Shabana did a fantastic job in helping my husband and myself to meet our goals. She was always available, easy to talk to, honest, dependable and conscientious. She looks after her clients like family. Bonnie B.
  • I am so grateful for the wonderful advice Shabana gave me over the years to make my retirement secure and comfortable. Claudia McDonald
  • I had so many accounts spread out all over the place. As a busy attorney, it was difficult for me to stay on top of them. Shabana helped me consolidate my finances to make them easier to manage. Marlene Young
  • Thank you Shabana, from an attorney who didn't know anything about organizing her money matters! Marlene Young
  • We have found Shabana to be diligent, thorough and knowledgeable. She spent time with us setting up our goals and is committed to seeing that we achieve them. Cathy & Ed Martens
  • Working with Shabana has been a rewarding experience in every sense of the word. Cathy & Ed Martens